Art Event: Pillow Book/ Brody Neuenschwander

A) I found out that calligraphy, typography and hand generated typefaces do not necessarily need to come from a computer. They can be done with a brush or pen or pencil

B) Specific things that could influence my personal work is the fact that i now can see that alot of letter work can be done on paper and then transferred over to the computer and refined to exactly how you want it. You can edit your work on the computer that you were not able to do on the paper after you wrote it out unless of course you do it in pencil and not with a calligraphy brush and ink.

C) One thing that has changed for me is that I now feel the need to at least give calligraphy a try. At first i just thought it was something that was done to write lettering and whatever, but i now see it as a type of art form. 

D) I wouldnt call it a flaw, but i just personally didn’t like the movie based on the old style filming and chinese history. It just isnt something that interests me. The film was also a bit boring until the middle-end part where you started to see more of the calligraphy done.

E) i learnt that calligraphy is challenging and that it isnt as simple as just taking a brush to a paper. It is a refined way of producing script on a page or whatever medium you are working on.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on December 12, 2012.

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