Art Event: Exit Through the Gift Shop

I have always liked the work that Banksy does because of his mysterious persona and the street art that gets put in places without anyone knowing. There is something to the illusiveness of his artwork that is really captivating. Although I am not a very political person, im also very drawn into the fact that a lot of the work that Banksy does represents political statements within England and the world. His work has a strong influence on me because i really like the two tone wall-print graffiti-stencil type work. I have been drawing, painting, and stenciling on my surfboards for a few years now and although i would never do anything quiet as intricate on a board it does show me that it is very possible to produce something like this easily. As far as Banksy’s relation to my work in graphic design…it shows me that i can produce something on a computer, print it, cut it and then reproduce it on whatever medium i want to put it on. I have always personally liked street art and this movie just further pushes my interest towards the subject matter, artists, and possible art exhibits with the art work in it.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on December 12, 2012.

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