Art Event: Behold America MCASD La Jolla

A) I have never seen paintings in person of this nature so it was definitely a unique experience for me because my artwork started out in the painting and drawing department and has now moved over to the electronic nature. All i could think about when seeing the paintings was that a lot of the portraits could be easily reproduced into a vector portrait. Since I’ve worked in both mediums now i definitely have a respect for seeing the art through both eyes however i still feel that painting is much more difficult to get a piece how you want it. 

B)There wasn’t really anything in the work that i found that could influence how i do things. A lot of my work is pretty set in stone and i typically dont like change unless i find it fun or interesting. Learning a new way to paint in old style techniques would be a great way for me to learn more about painting, but it just isnt something that im interested in anymore.

C) I wouldnt say that there were any flaws to the exhibit as it was at a museum, but i definitely found the paitings to be a little bit too boring for my taste. I like newer more contemporary stuff with a bunch of mixed medias involved in the work so i thought the work was a bit bland. Not to say that the work was bad, because the paintings were excellent and very rich with art history, but it just wasn’t for me.

D) There definitely was a very high respect for the work although it was not something i want hung up in my house. I know what it takes to create paintings like that so there is nothing i would say that was bad about any single piece. 


~ by ashleyaronson23 on December 12, 2012.

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