Art Event- Arts/Lecture Series: Nervous Films Brent Green Oct 3rd

A) To start off i’ve never seen anything like what Brent Green did before. Accompanying live music, narration, vocals and song into a film was pretty fascinating to say the least. Im a huge fan of music and people with good voices so this was something that i really enjoyed. I went ahead and looked up a little bit more of his work when i got home. I think that this guy could play at any musical festival because the stuff that he does is, really really good.

B) Im not sure that there was anything that i could specifically take away from his art form because i dont play instruments, but if i were to do something like this it would be rad to hire a musician and compose a score to align with video that i have shot. I do enjoy shooting and editing film so this is definitely something that could be a unique thing to try in the future. I might need to take up playing an instrument or something that i could perform in my own art piece instead of just composing it.

I think that the main thing that i came away with was to never judge a book by its cover. I didnt have any pre assumptions, but i didnt know what to expect or what i was in for. For a lack of better words the guy killed it. It is pretty cool to see someone doing a live performance with video content because for me a lot of live performances and theatre type stuff isnt my thing but seeing a performance with video and animations to watch sparks my interest a lot more.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on December 12, 2012.

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