Art Event: 1000 Journals

To date 1000 journals is my favorite ongoing “piece of artwork”. i really enjoy the fact that no matter how hard you think about what is going to happen to these journals the unexpected is always the outcome. With so many diverse ranges of people and cultures and locations that these journals have gone to and came from the multitude of variation is tremendously exciting and enticing. I was really drawn to the project also because of the fact that nothing was set in stone where as in traditional works once something like apainting is finished it is finished forever. with many different people getting the book and also having no rules change is inevitable. Someguy mentioned that he wanted to keep the art personal and for it to give other people who received the work something or some reason to react to it wether positive or negative. any reaction is better than now reaction at all.

One of the things i also really enjoyed was that these books took on a metaphorical journey because not everyone can travel the world and be able to witness the beauty of it all. These books were able to travel the world getting insight from distant lands near and far with absolutely zero control over the content and what would show up at the doorstep as a completed work of art. The unknown and irreplaceable feeling of the books is actually the part that is the coolest. of course seeing the books and being able to interact with them in a tangible way is nice but since there are so many it is also really cool to try and understand and wonder where each of the books may lay at rest in the present…

This project has given me the motivation to try new mediums of work. Painting and graphic design are fun, but if you can work in different mediums then it will broaden your range of work and you will be a more sought after artist. I guess the only thing that i could see becoming a problem is that the books may not return and thousands of pages of art will not get to be seen.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on December 12, 2012.

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