Logo Attributes

Im a fan of the Red Bull Thre3style logo because they keep to the standard Red Bull logo but they add value to it by adding the DJ vinyls into the logo. For all Red Bull event logos they keep to the standardized Red Bull logo and add a little bit of flare by creating an image that is relevant to the type of event wether it is skateboarding, cliff jumping, or airplane races.

I like the Volcom stone logo because it is very clean and sleek. it is kept simple with no line variation and is done in black and white. They tend to barely ever change the color of the logo which keeps it very easy to recognize wether it is on clothes or other manufactured goods.

For text only logo Coca-Cola has to be the most recognizable one that I can think of. I like this one because they don’t use a standard font that is technically easy to read. The reason why I like this logo the best compared to other text logos is because it isn’t pretty, but it also isn’t ugly so it works for me because it is right in the middle. I don’t really know anything about text design as I haven’t taken a typography class, but this one works for me.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on September 21, 2012.

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