The Zentangle patterns and shapes hit pretty close to home for me because when i was in high school i used to draw a bunch of these sorts of designs in my sketchbook that i needed in class. I still find myself doing this stuff in the upper corners of pages on my notes for classes even in college. I guess i wont ever get out of my scribbling stages of art because i always find myself doodling on all my pages wether it is just a design in the upper corner or creating lines around the tops of note titles creating my own type of typography. I liked the zen patterns because i know that it takes time to draw the tiny little intricate designs and that each design is different and has its own unique detail in every line turned. I wish that i still had my sketchbook that had all the doodles in here because they are spot on with the zentangle designs from the website and blog.

For more info on the designs and to get a sense of what they look like check out the links below!





~ by ashleyaronson23 on May 2, 2012.

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