Laura Wait Scriptography

Laura Waits scriptography is a pretty neat way of going about doing calligraphy. I like how she uses the old style of calligraphy and intertwines it with new style graffiti work. I also like how instead of using wall space she uses the Japanese Kiri or Chozo Paper to work on which gives it more of a sense of “artwork” rather than just a tagging on a wall. After having worked with Randy for just a little bit doing the calligraphy my understanding of the challenges of doing calligraphy are set and i know how difficult it can be to write this stuff out in a graceful manner without it looking bad and being crooked. Another aspect of Laura’s work that i enjoyed was the colors that she uses. When i look at artwork color palettes are typically the first thing i notice and i really enjoyed her use of colors and for the most part how warm and almost close to the heart everything felt. The calligraphy was also well done and wasn’t overbearing to my eye as i feel that if there is too much going on with some kind of typography it can be annoying to the eye.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on May 2, 2012.

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