Brian Dettmer’s Insanity

Brian Dettmers work is definitely one of the most cool things i have seen in a really long while. Most of the artwork that i have viewed in the last couple of years in class and outside at museums and other such sources have ben pretty boring and relatively the same. This stuff brings a whole new meaning to art work and his pieces are literally insane…i dont have another word for them. The amount of detail he puts into each piece and the amount of time it must take to carve out these works of art is incomprehensible. This is definitely something that i would like to try sometime in my art career.

i really enjoy the attention to detail in every little carving that he makes as well as the fact that he adds color to his works of art because without the color i dont think that the designs would be as effective or effective at all.Image

it is defintely neat to see someone take a completely different approach for their medium and media that they use. It shows that you really can make an “art” book without using the standard pictures or text. carving is another outlet that is really effective and for me is quiet frankly better than any picture or text book ive ever seen.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on May 2, 2012.

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