Artist # 1 Richard Koci Hernandez

The reason why i went ahead and chose Richard Koci Hernandez was because of his simplistic and serious use of Instagram. The iPhone application Instagram has almost eight million users in only 10 months in production. Its a fascinating application where simple photos can be turned into masterpeices with the use of the filters and the tilt shift generators on application. Koci uses his iPhone in his everyday life in order to snap candid photos of people, places, and things all over the world. I took interest in this specific artist because I am basing my artist book off of my photos that i have been putting onto instagram. In many cases alot of the photos that are put on instagram may come from real DSLR cameras, but like alot of Koci’s work all of my photos that I am using have been shot with on my iPhone. I like Koci’s idea of on-the-go photography and being able to get into places with the tiny iPhone and getting out without having to set up lights and tripods and everything else you may need for a DSLR. In Koci’s works he states that his “photos stream, technique serves two principal storytelling elements: mystery and hope. “It might sound counterintuitive,” he said, “but I try and balance these two together.”

He also admits to spending ridiculous amounts of time on the application itself trying to find “visual goodness” which I find myself doing all the time as well. He’s not in it to followand share photos with celebrity figures because that takes away from the actual art of the application. I like the fact that he does use it for art first and possibly for publicity last.

Because Koci is a journalist as well he utilizes instagram to tell stories that he may not have words for. He pushes the boundaries of his storytelling through instagram and urges all up and coming journalists, photographers, and artists to usethe app in order to create works for everybody to see.


Normal iPhone Photo                                   Photo in Instagram


~ by ashleyaronson23 on March 29, 2012.

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