Imogen Cunningham’s Botanicals

So it was rather interesting to see the Botanicals show in oceanside from Imogen Cunningham because i feel as if a lot of museums wouldn’t necessarily showcase shots of flowers as it may be somewhat cliche. I’ve looked at a little bit of Cunningham’s works before and i know that she has shot photos of nudes before and one thing that caught my eye was that the nudes where shot very similarly to that of the botanicals. line movement, form, and rhythm seem to be a very crucial part of Cunningham’s photography. i liked how a lot of the photos were shot very close up and still had an intense amount of focus and not to mention that the backgrounds were very simple which made the flower the only focus point on the image.

These photos also really reminded me of the photos of Georgia O’Keefe. O’Keefe shot photos of flowers and botanicals and shot them as if it were to represent something sexual, and i felt that a few of Cunningham’s shots portrayed the same thing, although the representation of the shot could most definitely just be that of a botanical. However, because Cunningham had done a lot of work with nudes and the body i do believe that the form and structure of the photos were shot in order to potentailly copy that of the human figure…and now i could definitely be wrong but thats just how i feel about the images


~ by ashleyaronson23 on May 4, 2011.

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