Panorama Critique

I critiqued Ali Terwilliger’s panorama which was the photo that was in greyscale of the ocean with the couple houses on the left. The first thing that i noticed was that the photo was in greyscale and not in color. I actually really liked the idea of using a greyscale especially because of what the photo is..I’m assuming that she used greyscale because it may have been overcast when she was taking the photos and it would not have looked good in color. Also i like the moodiness that the greyscale gives off because it sort of gives it some character and if it was in color i think it would have been too flat. I also really like the contrast between the sand on the bottom of the picture along with the sky that is a lighter tint. its nice to see all different kinds of values in the sand as the bottom right corner has those very dark tones and as you move up the picture through the ocean towards the sky the values start lightening up( and this is where i get the feel of the moodiness from…along with the people that are walking along the shore on the left side of the image.

I also really like the directional movement of the image that takes over my eye. when i look at the image the horizon line makes my eye want to move along the image from the middle to the outskirts of the photo on both sides.  i feel as if there are no static spots in the image because the faint clouds in the sky also.

Along the lines of composition i really enjoyed that she did not center the houses on the left side of the image. Its nice to also see that the houses leave the image which also keep the eye entertained as to what may be on that other side where the panorama stops. All in all i believe it is a successful image and i dont really think that there would be anything to change unless she maybe wanted to shoot it so that it could be in color or possibly with a sunset.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on May 3, 2011.

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