Maureen Drdak

Maureen Drdak recently came to CSUSM to lecture students about her travels and her works that were inspired by her journeys. I found her to be a very eccentric type lady and interesting as well. i really enjoyed the fact that she truly believed in what she was doing. confidence is

something i believe that you need in art, because if you dont believe in yourself and the work that you are putting out then how can anyone else put trust and faith in what you are doing. It was cool to see and listen to someone who is a cultural ambassador to US.

Her travels completely inspire her work from the materials to the colors. i really liked the rawness of her work. for me it was unusual to see a lot of work that was done in earth tones because i typically dont like those colors because they dont spark any emotion for me, but because it was representational of the spiritual meaning from Nepal i found it interesting to connect. She used the 3 protector deity colors; red for wisdom, white for compassion, and blue and black for action and efficacy. These colors and representations can be found throughout her work and are used over and over again. overall i found her to be kind of interesting, but its not my forte…so to see something out of the ordinary was kind of like a learning experience for me.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on April 19, 2011.

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