Book Proposal

photo: Travis Kuhlman

So what im thinking about for my book is to photograph the culture of surfing. I want to bring the sport to life through every aspect of it from packing the car up to changing to buying stuff at a shop to the shaping of the board. i think i would also like to shoot at iconic spots in southern california that i have easy access to such as Blacks Beach, Oceanside, Trestles, and Huntington Beach but not necessarily shoot landscape, but get a different point of view or perspective of the place and the people there. Im not sure if i will actually include any shots of surfing, but that will be determined at a later time. This book could even be something like a day in the life of going surfing or a surf trip or something like that..spring break is coming up so ill most likely just bring my camera with me and shoot everyday that i go and surf. i think that ill also be heading up to HB(where my friend lives who shot the above photo) and talk to him about some of the stuff he has done because he is a good photographer!

-i have all my own equipment so i will not need to get anything from checkout


~ by ashleyaronson23 on March 16, 2011.

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