What is Around Me.

Annie Leibovitz is an amazing photographer who was able to bring the essence of life into a photograph. From starting out at Rolling Stone and then moving to Vanity Fair she was able to experience the glitz and the glamour, the good and the bad. For me she sort of had this appeal of being able to capture a certain aura about a person’s whole entire life and put it into one single photograph and its amazing to be able to see the translation without a story. one thing that i really liked about her was her attitude about how she went around and shot. she liked to put herself into the setting and experience the life and culture that she was shooting and i enjoyed that because i like the idea of becoming familiar with the things that you are shooting rather than just getting in and getting out. if you can go in and understand what is around you, then i feel like the photos that you will take will have this underlying meaning of what you learnt in the field and will therefore turn out a lot better.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on February 2, 2011.

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