Photographer: Rick Smolan

Rick Smolan was an immensely passionate photographer who shot for the likes of Time Magazine, National Geographic, and Life. With many let downs and rejections throughout his whole career, he still kept pushing his way through all the way to the top. He started at the age of 14 where his passion would begin. It was fascinating to me to see the likes of someone who could have so much passion at such an early age. Although he didn’t know that his father was a photographer, his father kept on trying to push him further and further away from his passion and send him to a college which he knew didn’t have a photo major, which i believe ultimately made Smolan even more passionate about photography. After creating his own major at his college and graduating he was provided with amazing opportunities to go after something he loved. as these opportunities came up it was almost like a snowball effect where after one job, he would somehow meet someone who he was refered to from the previous. One thing that i really liked was that he wasnt afraid to take on any job that was presented to him. I think that because of this he was able to go into it with a good attitude and get the job done well because of the fact that he was excited to keep working on anything and everything. No one was able to stop him or tell him that he couldn’t shoot something because he didn’t care what anyone had to say, he just wanted to thrive within something that he was passionate about.


~ by ashleyaronson23 on January 26, 2011.

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